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Scale model buildings

to download, print and construct

 Welcome to the Craftybuild site, we make models in

00 Gauge, N Gauge,  0 Gauge and H0 Gauge


 All kits are available to download, print and build as many times as you like. There is a download guide and a print guide above. Don't forget to check out the build guide



Nice to see you!  Please have a look around. 

OO Gauge terraced houses and shops available HERE

 00 gauge model railway buildings,download, print & construct
00 gauge shops
scale model buildings
00 gauge, card kit, industrial buildings


Awesome Products!  W.B. Via facebook

OO Gauge Wharf (low relief) on the industrial page


clasp station
craftybuild clasp station

00 GAUGE - 1/76 'clasp' station with platforms and ramps available Here

Yes! we do 0 Gauge.


0 Gauge low relief houses, we do the fronts and the backs!

0 gauge houses


I rarely bother writing reviews but thought that for once that I really should. I have been looking for a cost effective way of building a terraced back scene for my 0 gauge layout for a while and have tried upscaling other 00 gauge terraced houses but have been less than impressed. I then tried one of the sets from Crafty Build and the end result is excellent. It took me 3 days in the evenings to build but is in my opinion exhibition worthy. I have since purchased the other designs and so far have 2 foot of back scene sorted. The most impressive thing though was I emailed Crafty Build with a question and got a reply back from Barry the next day clearly explaining what I needed to do. As I said at the start I don't normally do reviews but the product and the service here I feel warranted it.


h0 gauge buildings
h0 gauge buildings

H0 Gauge.

Expanding range of H0 models here

h0 gauge buildings
h0 gauge buildings

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